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Welcome to our Volunteer Page!  In this section you will find many options for volunteering with Girls on the Run.  We are a growing organization and need volunteers to help with a variety of tasks.  First, there are the coaches.  Coaches lead the classes and this is probably the largest time commitment   However, we couldn’t do many of the events without the help of volunteers that help out just for one day or for a few hours.  Please continue reading  for a description of the options that we currently have.  Coaches are described in the first section.  If coaching is not what works for you now please read the Volunteer Pool section complete the Volunteer Pool form and we will contact you when we need additional help.

Coach Paperwork: If you are familiar with the coaching requirements please click here to complete the necessary paperwork.  To learn more click here….

How do I identify an appropriate location? The location for the GOTR class should have an area similar to the size of a track for the girls to run. The surface should be as flat as possible and clear of debris. Parks, fields or school playgrounds are examples of potential locations. The class should have access to water, restrooms and shelter in case of sudden bad weather. If an evening class, the area should be safe and well lit. Permission will need to be obtained from the authority involved and if needed, GOTR staff will assist in negotiating with these individuals. To get started coaching please click on this link (Coach Application)to complete the necessary paperwork. Because of security issues we will be contacting you directly for you to complete your required background check. Thanks!

Site application: To learn more about starting a program in your area click setting up a site to see the packet with all of the details to set up your site. Then, when your are ready to start your program, apply using our site application form which must be completed before the class starts. Finalized applications for the Spring 2016 season are due January 9th. For more information contact Allison Gnade at .

ADDITIONAL VOLUNTEER POSITIONS: In addition to coaches other volunteer needs have been identified as the program has grown.  Tasks have been identified that can be completed in 1 – 2 hours per week that will support the efforts to keep the organization running smoothly, reach out and assist coaches when needed and help with the suprise that comes along from time to time!  This may be one time oppportunities or ongoing task that present themselves to us such as, office tasks,  assembly of class boxes, or mass mailing preparation.  For these opportunities we will call ahead and schedule a time that works for you and have everything prepared for you when you arrive. To sign up to be a member of the Volunteer Pool  click here. If you have more questions please email: Other non-coaching jobs that are also available that may take more time and commitment.  If this is something you might be interested in, see the options below. Committee Volunteer: Girls on the Run 5K Race Series – Assist with race planning, fundraising, marketing, sponsorship or volunteer and participant recruitment for our spring race. Fundraising – Growth of the Girls on the Run program depends on volunteers to help recruit others to contribute time and resources to the organization. This committee will focus on sponsorship solicitation, marketing efforts, grant writing or assisting with promotional events.